global leaders

Coaching provides an opportunity for a reflective conversation about situations, people, personal perspectives and values, considering organisational needs and opportunities.

Using assessment tools such as Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and observations about adult stages of mental development, the coach can encourage perspective taking, challenge embedded ways of thinking and support changes in mind-set and behaviour to achieve better outcomes and results.


capacity building

Leaders and learners from the developing world can reflect on their skill building while considering different ways of operating in a new environment. Coaching / mentoring support in adapting to new management styles and operating demands can enhance effectiveness and embed new skills and practices.


New Roles

Stepping into new roles can bring steep challenges of learning and growth. This is magnified when the new roles are in another country and culture. Coaching can support the coachee to grow and develop into the new role by providing a reflective space to unpack the overwhelm, share the frustrations, begin to see patterns and opportunities and learn.



Coaching in challenging situations can bring psychological support to stress and overwhelm enabling growth in resilience and wellbeing. Mindfulness and psychological flexibility can support the coachee regardless of the waves they face.